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Website search engine optimisation

What is the cost of search engine optimization?

The Rule of the Four Zeroes

You already know that:

  • We provide website search engine optimization services

  • In 80 to 90% cases our customers boast prime ranking in the search results.

  • Customers who have once put their trust in us become our regular customers - it simply pays off for them.

Surely this is down to the fact that our price list starts with 4 zeroes - more specifically, with the „Rule of the Four Zeroes”.

You have probably already made Yourself familiar with the stages through which we operate, therefore You know that Stage 1 – when You send us Your application for us to analyse - is entirely free of charge.

During Stage 2 we will be carrying out the following:

Action taken for You after the application

Your Investment

We will undertake analysis of Your trade and competition

€ 0

We will verify the keywords you sent us and will pick out the very soundest or will suggest something optimal

€ 0

We will analyse Your site with respect to its optimization for search engines

€ 0

We will get in touch with You, present an offer and give You first, preliminary consultations.

€ 0


4 x € 0 =
€ 0

This stage is non-binding as well - as You can see, our rates are "four-zero-rates".

When awaiting the results (Stage 3) You do not pay a penny, either. Only when Your website reaches the expected placement does Your investment start.

The above four zeroes are the only fixed prices within our offer.

Every instance of SEO search engine optimization is different - there are easier and there are more difficult projects. All of this is dependent upon a few factors like e.g. selected keywords, the trade and competition within the trade.

For this reason we present You with a specific price during Stage Two, after we have made ourselves familiar with Your expectations.

Send us Your non-binding offer enquiry » now – this costs You nothing and it obliges you to nothing and You will gain clarity as to the scale of possible investment.

We will see each other in the first places in the search engine.

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee first and foremost:
- high effectiveness;
- employment of solely legal methods;
- long-term results;
- payment only on performance;

SEO Search engine optimization has been the sole service within our offer for a longer length of time. Focusing on solely this pursuit made it possible for us to gain extensive knowledge in the field.

For You this means guaranteed success of our actions.

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