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PierwszeMiesjce.pl - cooperate with us

We are looking for companies interested in cooperation

No one is in a position to take care of everything professionally - our company, for one, has abandoned website development for the sake of solely becoming involved in search engine optimization.

Therefore we would like to offer You an opportunity to broaden the scope of Your company tender by professional and effectual www search engine optimization services.

Your gains resulting from our cooperation

You broaden Your tender by professional, effectual and proven search engine optimization services. Therefore, you are certain of Your customers' satisfaction with the results. Further, by widening Your offer, You may win new customers.

You are awarded a discount as our business partner, so that You can offer Your customers lower prices or/and freely set them when making a profit on commission (You do not need to do anything, it is us who will take care of SEO search engine optimization).

You win more time for Yourself. By passing search engine optimization services of Your customers' web pages onto us to outsource, you gain more spare time for Yourself and you can take advantage of it in the way You please, for whatever purpose You want. You could, for example, attend to further development of Your business.

See whether this is the offer for You

We invite to cooperate those companies which are involved in internet and traditional marketing (advertising, marketing agencies, consultants, etc.), further, those into company image creation on the Web (interactive agencies, webmasters, programmers, etc.), finally all the other companies who offer e-business related products and services (i.e. developers of online shops or internet applications).

How to start cooperating with us?

This is really simple - contact our consultant and tell him you are interested in the offer of cooperation.

We will prepare an offer especially for You which you will for sure be satisfied with - and Your customers, too!

Here is our contact data:

Marcin Soluch
gsm: +48 698.661.966

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee first and foremost:
- high effectiveness;
- employment of solely legal methods;
- long-term results;
- payment only on performance;

SEO Search engine optimization has been the sole service within our offer for a longer length of time. Focusing on solely this pursuit made it possible for us to gain extensive knowledge in the field.

For You this means guaranteed success of our actions.

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