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Website search engine optimisation

PierwszeMiesjce.pl - we optimise Your success

We are not going to drone on about our history, we merely would like to present a few important facts, which You may be interested in and which can help You make Your choice.

A few years' experience...

We have been in the internet business since 1999, when we started off with development of www sites. Thus we have a record of quite a few years of experience as a company plus additionally a few years as internet users.

You might say this is "just like so many others in the interactive agency business"... but - it happens that here exactly the similarities run out!

Better results thanks to specialisation...

Unlike the general trend in the business - we have not tried to widen our offer while keeping the number of employees constant - instead we went in another direction, in the direction of specialisation!

This came about pretty quickly - we changed the general offer to one specialising in online advertising, more specifically to www SEO search engine optimization or website positioning, which is part of SEM search engine marketing.

This strategy helped us become experts. We do not mince our time among different activities. We engage in SEO search engine optimization of our customers' websites all our time - this is one of the most significant advantages of our offer!

Thanks to our services thousands of internet users daily visit web ages of our customers.

If You would like to become one of them, just click and send us Your non-binding offer enquiry » (will take you approximately 30 s).

Our mission...

Without embellishment or lofty style - our mission is simple:

To take care of high ranking of our Customers' websites in the search results

Find out, why, of all others, You would take advantage of this very offer! The answer is to be found here: our guarantee »

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee first and foremost:
- high effectiveness;
- employment of solely legal methods;
- long-term results;
- payment only on performance;

SEO Search engine optimization has been the sole service within our offer for a longer length of time. Focusing on solely this pursuit made it possible for us to gain extensive knowledge in the field.

For You this means guaranteed success of our actions.

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